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The secret’s out behind the main culprit causing climate change

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Dedicated to informing global citizens about the positive effects of dietary-therapy on chronic disease and our Planet.

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Four Deadly Dietary Deceptions

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Food is powerful medicine. Over the past 45 years I have had the opportunity to change lives – possibly millions have benefited from my simple rediscovery that rich foods—the meats, dairy, and desserts relished by royalty—made aristocrats over weight and unwell. The plan is for 7 billion people to accept this truth, then moving back to traditional patterns of eating, based on beans, corn, potatoes, rice and wheat, allowing planet Earth to begin healing from the past 150 years of neglect and exploitation.


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#1 Deadly Dietary Deception: Protein

I mention protein and you echo “meat.”

Animal foods, especially beef, are marketed for their high protein virtue (the unique position*). The truth is, all natural plant foods contain enough total proteins…

#2 Deadly Dietary Deception: Calcium

I mention calcium and you respond “milk.”

Dairy products are marketed for their high calcium virtue (the unique position*). However, calcium deficiency is not known to occur in humans on any natural diets…

#3 Deadly Dietary Deception: Omega-3

I mention omega-3 fats and you answer “fish.”

Fish, and other sea creatures, are marketed for their high omega-3 fats virtue (the unique position*). Our requirements for alpha linolenic acid…

#4 Deadly Dietary Deception: Starch

I mention unhealthy, fattening foods and you reply “starch” or “carbs.”

Starchy vegetables, especially potatoes, pasta, and rice, are maligned because of their high sugar virtue…