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John McDougall, PhD

Heather McDougall

About the series

Misinformation about protein has caused more harm to people and the Planet than any other nutrient. In contrast, no nutrient is promoted as being more essential to our own personal health than is protein. This enthusiasm over one nutrient is in disagreement with the scientific observation that a condition of “protein deficiency” does not exist in humans under natural conditions. Further evidence is that all large populations of trim, healthy, athletic-competing, war-fighting people throughout verifiable human history have obtained the bulk of their calories from what are considered by many to be “protein deficient foods (starches):” corn, potatoes, rice, and wheat. Animal foods are synonymous with protein. Consuming excess protein is normal eating behavior in Western societies, causing osteoporosis, kidney stones, kidney and liver damage, to name a few widespread conditions.

A change in diet is the first step

Learn how you can help save the planet through diet therapy.