Change What We Eat


The McDougall Program, developed over the past half-century, has served as your guide to making changes in eating in order to regain your lost health and appearances. The basic McDougall Diet is made of starches, vegetables, and fruits; no animal products of any kind and no added oils. Since we, the McDougalls, did it right the first time, there is no need to reinvent the wheel for our latest patient: Earth. The fundamental dietary fixes for people also apply to a planet.

Important enough to mention again; the Planet has intrinsic regulatory systems (natural abilities to heal) that have kept her inhabitable, until recently. Earth has not given up. She is still trying to normalize against behaviors caused by two-legged creatures who claim to have free will. Let’s determine our own destiny by giving her a big, long overdue break, putting her on the path to healing.  

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A change in diet is the first step

Learn how you can save the planet through diet therapy.