#3 Deadly Dietary Deception: Omega-3 Fats


I mention omega-3 fats and you answer “fish.”

Fish, and other sea creatures, are marketed for their high omega-3 fats virtue (the unique position*). Our requirements for alpha linolenic acid (one of two essential fats) are so little that plants, which make these fatty acids, always meet our needs. Only plants can make the omega-3 fats—fish don’t; nor do cows, pigs, chickens, or people. Fish obtain these fats by eating seaweed and algae and then storing them in their body fat.

Adverse effects of consuming fish and fish oils include weight gain (the fat you eat is the fat you wear), elevated blood sugars, increases in cholesterol, excessive bleeding, immune system suppression (promoting infections and cancer growth), gallbladder disease, oily skin, acne, and GI distress (diarrhea).

Damage to Patient Earth: The result has been the slaughter of fish for food, and the manufacturing of thousands of second-line products (fish-oil supplements, animal-feed, fertilizers, etc.). Since I was a young boy, 90% of the fish have been taken from our oceans. Bycatch is the wasteful and cruel practice of netting and killing unintended species, including whales, dolphins, and sea turtles. Fish farming pollutes surrounding waters and robs the oceans of native smaller fish that once nourished schools of living beautiful marine life. The rivers and streams are also under attack. Global seafood consumption has more than doubled in the past 50 years.

*Effective marketing focuses on the “unique positioning” of products, promoting the most exceptional characteristic of a selected merchandise to enhance sales, regardless of the consumer benefits.

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